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I don't really post what I'm up to in life on here, or really anywhere, so idk, figured I'd make a journal for anyone wondering.

At the beginning of the year I began dating the guy I'm currently with, Uriah. We met at PetSmart when I started working there last year. We didn't start dating till like 8 months after that. He's pretty rad.

I began working as a dog groomer this year. I absolutely love my job. I get to hang out with dogs 8+ hours a day, the money is decent, and its something new everyday.

I also finally got a vehicle. It's a 2011 Ford F150. Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely adore my truck with all my heart. He's giant and blue, and I feel powerful lmao. He also is a gas guzzler and I put around $80 of gas in him per week and I'm dying squirtle.

In the beginning of March I went and saw Against Me! and Greenday in concert. I had pit tickets and was extremely close to the stage. It was an awesome experience! I did however get punched in the face by a mosh pit guy. Which made the whole thing even better cause what a great story haha. I also later got punched REALLY hard in the spine by a guy going around punching people at random trying to start fights, within a few minutes security tackled him and dragged him away. That was fun to see.

March 23rd I had double incision top surgery under Dr. Garramone. I flew my mother and I out to Florida for a week to have this done. Two thousand dollars came out of my pocket, and eight thousand more I took out a loan through my credit union. I have paid off over a thousand of it so far, and will continue to pay it off slowly through the next few years. I owe very little each month, and will only end up paying about $300 in interest. Making this the smartest, and cheapest way for me to have gone about getting the surgery I needed. I can now say that I am a very happy person. I have wanted this surgery for around 12 years now, and worked hard to get myself to a point where I could financially have it done.

In July I made a road trip to California with Uriah for a few days. It was a lot of fun! We got very fucked up and ended up spending a stupid amount of money on a banana split. Which I still think back on. It was a good banana split, but my god it was so much money. No sober person would have bought a banana split for so much money.....

In August I took Uriah on a road trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to see Lady Gaga in concert. I got us 'pit tickets' and we were extremely close to the stage. This was an amazing experience. Lady Gaga is a huge inspiration to Uriah and his absolute favorite artist, so it was really amazing that I got to take part in making a dream come true for him.

That's about it as far as big life things go. Gotten 3 new tattoos this years, had a lot of 'firsts', had some pretty damn lows, but some really great highs. I can actually say for the first time in my life, I feel happy. I feel healthy. I like my life.


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SmolFennec Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Wondering if you are open for Coms
Quiet-Uptown-Funk Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017
If you ever want to do a trade let me know <3
Unknown-Amnesia Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I look up to you too much! You're the entire reasons I ever got into art years ago. X3 
KibbyMutt Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
new account who dis :iconphoneplz:
sonflwer Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
BLUE! I just recently remade my account and I haven't been on here in what feels like YEARS and oh my god?? You and your art have changed so much dude, I'm still in love with it years ago as I am now! I've always looked up to you and your animations! I'm so happy and excited that you're still active for all these years. Keep on being awesome!! <333
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