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December 18, 2012
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Yo by Miiroku Yo by Miiroku
Miroku and Bluuuue. owo
I'm going to talk a LOT here, I'm sorry. X'D

Okay, so like, Miroku, he's my baby. I've had him for years and year, far longer then I've had Blue.
He's my oldest character I have, at close to 9 years old. There's actually a long story there about how for maybe a year 1/2 I wouldn't concider him a character, but I'll explain that later in an "Ask Blue", since someone asked about my oldest character.

But yeah, he's gone thru many changes, many personality shifts, many back stories, had a mate and kids at one point, he's just, he's gone thru a bunch in my years of drawing.

I would say he's the character that means more to me then any other character I own. By a long shot. Not /as/ much as Blue, but very-very close.

For a time, before I made up a fursona, (and before I even knew what a fursona was), he was basically like my fursona. Even after I made Blue, I still mainly used Miroku to express how I felt for quite a while, till Blue grew on me. When I was sad, happy, excited, whatever, I drew Miroku.

And once I became comfterable using Blue as more like a fursona, Miroku was a character that I would still always draw. And I would draw him with Blue quite often to comfort her and myself, when I was feeling down.

And then one day, I slowly started to dislike Miroku. I had him forever, I constantly drew him, and then one day, I moved on. I began to love my other characters more, and slowly Miroku was left in the dirt. And I tried so hard to love him again, but I couldn't. That's when he got the design he has today, (not the brown one), and I decided that everything he had done before that was just gone. I deleted his siblings, his kids, everything, I started over. I didn't even want to look at him anymore with his old design, so I changed him, just so I could stand looking at him. And it always made me sad how I could no longer stand him. You know, like when you over listen to a song you love, and then you can't stand it anymore? That's how it went.

He's never again became a favorite of my characters, but even today, I still love him so much, because of what he used to mean to me.

Infact, the reason he's still around today is probably mostly in thanks to Vindicated. I would have never gotten rid of him as a character, but I'm sure I would have never really drawn him again.

Yes, he did start as a fan character of Inuyasha's Miroku. But he quickly developed his own character, and even though I kept saying he was a fan character when asked, he really wasn't to me. Over time it began to bug me when people would say he really wasn't my original character. Because he was mine. He ment so much to me. Even after he wasn't my favorite character anymore, he always ment so much to me that of corse I concidered him mine, and not just some rip off an anime character. Okay, so my favorite anime character in existance, but still, my Miroku, and the anime character Miroku were different beings to me.

Dear lord, look at that wall of text over some lines and color I call a character!
I'm a lonely tard, I know.
ldjfskl I could go on forever about this stupid, purple fatty, but I shall stop now. ;;
Any-hoo, sorry about anatomy or anything like that, this was drawn pretty quick inbetween working on commissions.
*Goes back to sewing*
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YourLocalCosplayers Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist
so cute! I could look at your art like all day!!! its that amazing!
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that ish adorable! C:
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no it says never give up

am i too late with this joke for it to be funny?
grossest Featured By Owner May 8, 2013

he should have that as a tattoo to

sonicboom8278 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
Awwww that's so cute x3
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