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Super chibis
Super chibs batch by Miiroku
These will be uploaded in batches of 4 or more. They will not be given to you individually and will not be transparent.

Please include a ref.
Hayhaleywolf by Miiroku
A chibi of your character.
Please include a ref. And what the species is. (if the ref doesn't say)



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Plush to-do list!

Plush commissions are CLOSED!
Plush commissions will most likely be closed forever. I don't give quotes for them anymore.
For my art to-do list go here:…
:bulletblue: :iconfuchsianess: Small sitting plush - 20%
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Plushies will not be finished in the order they are listed here.
This list is mainly for myself, so forgive the confusing-ness.

This is my Miroku box


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My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 3:04 PM

(I want that badge, so I'm doing this)

Well, let's talk about Blue I guess?? Because they perfectly illustrate both me changing, and my art changing.

I am a question to the world, by Miiroku

So, Blue started off pretty simple. Grey and brown with a small amount of Blue on her. At the time of this drawing I had already had Blue, unchanged, for quite a while. My art at this point was pretty wonky, and a lot of it was referenced from other artists. (Something I'm really embarrassed by today)

My New Ref. - Old design by MiirokuA New Blue Ref. by Miiroku
So I got into the more "sparkle"-dog thing. And Blue deteriorated fast. She became gothic, sparkly puke.

And then Blue came into the design she would be known by for the next two or three years.  During this time my style was still a mess.

I Felt Kind of Good by MiirokuI got a bowl, good for me by MiirokuYou Get No Title. D8 by MiirokuCheer Up by Miiroku

Until it finally became a style I could keep up with, and it went unchanged for a while. Once I got into that style is when my "rise" of internet fame started to come around. I started becoming pretty well known around YouTube for my animations, and it was pretty weird actually having people pay attention to me. I was kind of a dick during this time. I had a bad attitude and believed I was always right. Most people who think I'm rude probably encountered me during this time. (Not that I wont still throw snarky remarks out at people who deserve them, but back then it was at people who didn't)

Once I graduated highschool, I was a different person, and my old sona just didn't fit me.

Austin and Blue by Miiroku

So I made a new one. She looked a million times better, and was much more suited to my taste. No more horrible sparkle dog. I still had a bit of a rude attitude, but I was much more chill.

Nothing to Lose by Miiroku

Her design changed here and there. But she pretty much stayed the same for two years.

Oh Look, A Blue Chibi by Miiroku

Until she became a more dull color. I was changing and she changed with me.

Corgi-Corgi-Fat-Fat by Miiroku

She became a full corgi for a while. During this time a lot of people had fursonas that were very similar to my fursona body-wise (and in some cases design wise) and it really began to bug me. Also during this time I became a bit over snarky and would throw out rude things to people. I still really regret some of the unnecessarily rude things I would say during this time.

Cute Blue by MiirokuA Blue Badge by Miiroku

I ended up growing the hell up and realizing that others having similar sonas to Blue didn't really mean anything. They were doing what made them happy, and I would do the same. This sona pretty much stayed unchanged except for a few markings for about two years.

Blue The Blue by MiirokuBlue Reference by Miiroku

She became more... Idk, adult? More natural looking and such. During this time I was able to draw and actually be happy with my art. For YEARS I found what I drew "cute" but I was unhappy with it. Finally my art was becoming something I enjoyed.

Blue Sees You by MiirokuAlt Blue Reference by Miiroku

During this time I was also having overall issues with my sona, and made an alt sona. Who started off half-Corgi like Blue, but became full Corgi later down the line. While this design started as a replacement for the other Blue, I couldn't do it and immediately decided this Blue would be as much as my sona as the other Blue. And they were. I drew this design just as much as the other. During the end of using both these designs I ended up having them be genderless. He/she/them was all fine, but they are and will remain a "they". I wanted them to be male at first, but it just didn't seem right.

I actually slowly began to feel uneasy using the older Blues. So one night, I made a new sona.

Sona by Miiroku

And I was immediately in love with him. His design was actually something I had ALWAYS wanted to do with the older Blues. For years I thought about a pink nose, and blond fur.  I am absolutely in love with him. I didn't intend for him to replace the other Blue, but he did. I haven't drawn the other Blue even once since creating this Blue. 

Pfff, if you actually read all that, congrats. Seriously though, I only did this 'cause I want that badge. 8U

Image by peaceskiies



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