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OC psychological questionnaire

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 15, 2015, 10:15 PM

Just stumbled on this OC questionnaire and I like it a lot. It doesn't just deal with "What shows do they like?" and "What's their favorite food?" It's more psychological, which is the stuff I spend the most time developing.

So I'm going to do it with human Jasper, Saul and Fae.

I do mention drug use quite a lot during this, as that's a large part of the Serenity human AU. I'd recommend not reading this if that's an issue. (I don't go into anything, it's just mentioned again and again)

1: What’s your OC’s biggest insecurity and how would they react if someone pointed it out to them?

Jasper: He's insecure about a lot of things, honestly. His biggest one is that no one will ever like him, and he'll be left alone to die. He figures no one cares about him, and are all just waiting for the opportunity to ditch him. If anyone gives even the slightest hint that this is true, it crushes him, causing him to panic, try and make it better with the person, and honestly probably cry about it.

Saul: How young he looks. He looks maybe 19 or 20, and for someone nearly 30, it's bothersome to always be treated like a young adult. Getting carded, constantly asked if he's old enough to be in clubs, not being taken super serious ever. He comes off very childish, but that's because he's been treated as a child his whole life. Saul is very loud and obnoxious and has no problem starting a fight if someone is making fun of him, (or Jasper), but when his young looks are called out, he wont do much about it. Maybe laugh and shrug it off. Doing his best not to think of it. He's also a bit insecure about his hand missing fingers, but it's not something he deals with as much as his looks. He reacts about the same if someone points his hand out, giving a short explanation with a laugh, and quickly changing the subject.

Fae: Her intelligence. She is actually a rather smart girl, despite coming off a bit ditsy. She did go through four years of college after all. However she doesn't believe she's smart. She questions herself quite a lot, and often will tell people she doesn't know about something, scared that if she claimed she did, she could be wrong.

2: If your OC wants to buy a firearm, what it might be for?

Jasper: Jasper gets into some bad shit sometimes, and would likely keep it around for protection, intimidation, and to be more forceful over stuff. He'd probably not ever go out on his own and get one, as he's not totally a gun person.

Saul: Same as Jasper, except Saul might actually go out and get one, as he'd probably feel more important walking around with a gun.

Fae: I don't think Fae could ever own a gun. If she had to, it would be for emergency protection, (mainly intimidation, as who knows if she's actually fire it). But really, she'd never go out and get it herself.

3: Does your OC behave differently around different people, if so with whom and how?

Jasper: Absolutely. Around most people in general he is very quiet, very cool and collected. He has a resting bitch face, which often causes people to not talk to him at all. Around Fae he is very open. Sharing emotions, feelings, thoughts. She's who he goes to to cry over things about. He's often very nice to her, speaking to her calmly, (of course he has his times of yelling and being an ass). Saul he is a bit more of a joker around. He's often a bit more loud as well.

Saul: Saul is basically the same with everyone. He can act a bit more smooth around some people to get into their pants, but he's generally like that all the time anyways. At work he's also very much a business man, and doesn't curse constantly, or insult any clients, but he is still more or less the same.

Fae: Fae tends to be the same with everyone. She of course has those she's closer with, and holds more dear, but she is about the same with everyone, always being friendly and kind.

4: Would your OC want to involve themselves in humanitarian work ? If yes, then for what? If not, then why not?

Jasper: No. He could maybe be convinced if it wasn't too far out of the way, and he had a friend, but on his own he likely wouldn't. He'd have his own stuff going on, and find it more important to take care of that.

Saul: No. He just wouldn't find it his business.

Fae: Yes. She'd probably not care too much what she was doing, as long as she's helping.

5: How would your OC generally react to someone being verbally abusive towards them for no apparent reason?

Jasper: First would be anger. He'd begin yelling right back. Depending who it is, he might even throw a few punches. After it's all said and done, he'd probably go off and cry.

Saul: Angry. He'd almost definitely punch someone in the face.

Fae: She would become angry and yell back, but only for a short while before closing up, unable to continue speaking, and crying.

6: Does your OC have a realistic image of their own intelligence?

Jasper: Yeah, pretty much. He knows he can learn just about anything he'd want to.

Saul: Yeah. He might think he's a bit more smart then he really is, but not too much.

Fae: No. She believes herself to be a ditz and know very little. Despite being decently smart.

7: Does your OC have any irrational phobias?

Jasper: A bit of social phobia, and abandonment issues. Other than that, not really.

Saul: He's highly allergic to cats, and has since developed a bit of fear of them, but only for allergy reasons. Other than that, no.

Fae: Not really.

8: How is/was your OC’s relationship with their parents?

Jasper: As a kid, Jasper's parents were good, caring people, but were both often away at work, leaving Jasper to feel they didn't care for him much at all. As a teenager he got into heavy drug use, and eventually got himself kicked out. His relationship with his parents got worse as he was using drugs, and eventually, (not actually having to do with Jasper), they moved to a different country, leaving Jasper feeling terrible as if they abandoned him. This came with even more drug use, and getting into a lot of trouble in a lot of different ways. Jasper did get better eventually, but he's always been left feeling uncared for by his parents. In the AU where there is no zombie apocalypse, their relationship does eventually get better, but Jasper holds tight onto the belief that they don't actually care.

Saul: He's always had a pretty good relationship with his parents. Saul was the baby of the family, youngest of a couple brothers and sisters. Saul is very much like his dad, except a lot more immature. He maintains a good relationship with his family, but doesn't see them too much, despite living in the same town.

Fae: Fae adores her parents. They are her inspiration, her friends, her heroes. She has a fantastic relationship with them.

9: Does your OC feel a pressure to achieve or are they content and calm with doing what they can at the moment?

Jasper: Yes. Often times the pressure of trying to achieve stresses him out. Looking around at his life, he's definitely okay with where he is, but doesn't feel it's good enough.

Saul: He's pretty okay doing what he's doing at the moment. He makes decent money, likes what he's doing, enjoys where he lives and the people around him. He doesn't feel like he needs to really do more.

Fae: Fae definitely wants to achieve a lot. She doesn't have dreams of making it big, and being rich, or anything like that. But she wants to do the best of her ability and feel at the end of the day that she's done all that she can.

10: Does your OC guard their emotions by being tough? If not how would they?

Jasper: Absolutely. He hides any emotions behind anger, and yelling. Not wanting to dwell on his real feelings.

Saul: Yes. Also with a lot of joking around.

Fae: She wears her emotions on her sleeves. Sometimes she keeps them to herself, but it's easy to tell she's hiding something, as she gets really quiet and a bit sad.

11: How would your OC react to hearing they’re adopted?

Jasper: It would crush him. He already has a lot of self made issues with his family and finding out he was adopted would put it into his head that his family really does hate him, and it's all because he wasn't actually related to them. Then his feelings would move onto self hatred, because his birth parents didn't want him. I figure a little spiral downwards would happen, and some drug use to make him feel better.

Saul: He'd probably not care all that much. He doesn't entirely look like the other members of his family, and he'd figure it made sense. Pretty much his whole family is tall, and bulky, and have no problem looking their age, and growing a bunch of facial hair. Then there's short little Saul who looks 5. He wouldn't have any inclination to look for his birth parents, since they didn't raise him, what's the point?

Fae: It would probably upset her a lot at first, being a major shock. However she would move past it, being thankful to grow up in the family that she did. Out of curiosity, she might try to find her birth parents. She would never consider them her "real" parents, or even really parents at all, but she would probably be chummy and stay in contact with them.

12: What is one of the most primary things your OC feels that is missing from their life?

Jasper: Probably doesn't entirely feel anything in particular is missing. He's just not at a point where he feels like a complete person, but there also isn't anything to complete him either.

Saul: He probably doesn't think about anything like that, as is just fine with where his life is.

Fae: I don't think Fae would ever feel incomplete in her life. With each new thing in her life, she would feel it's a blessing, and be thankful, but never feel she was incomplete before.

13: What kind of situations does your OC avoid the most?

Jasper: Social situations.

Saul: Serious situations.

Fae: Arguments, fights, anytime negative emotions would be around.

14: If your OC gets into a fight with their best friend, would they wait for their friend to make up with them, or would they try to make up with their friend?

Jasper: He will spend a few days completely avoiding them, figuring the person probably hates them and doesn't want him in their lives anymore. Unless the person makes an effort to see him and make things better. Eventually Jasper would stop avoiding them, and depending on who it is, joke around to show things are all better, or awkwardly try and say sorry.

Saul: He'd be pretty upset all day, but by the next day it would be over and he wouldn't need an apology, nor give one either.

Fae: Even if it's not her fault, if the person seemed to be making it out to be her fault, she will do her best to apologize. If she was even being personally attacked, she would try and find a reason why her friend could be acting like that, and do her best to forgive them.

15: Does your OC consider themselves a good person?

Jasper: He would flat out answer "No."

Saul: He'd laugh, not totally sure where you're going with that. He'd probably answer, "Well, shit, probably not. Haha!"

Fae: Fae would be very hesitant to answer, feeling like she's patting herself on the back, but she would eventually answer with, "Well, I would like to say yes... I hope I am"

16: Is your OC good at giving others validation of their feelings and making them feel understood?

Jasper: Absolutely not. He can't handle emotions from others. Other's emotions normally make him uncomfortable and he'll only end up yelling at that.

Saul: No. He can't take most things serious, and will normally turn the situation into a joke. Sometimes making the person feel better to be joking around, but often making the person who is already feeling down, into a joke.

Fae: Yes! She is very willing to listen and to try and talk others through their emotions. She always has something positive to say to the person, and will always validate how they feel, but also try and make things better for that person. She wants them to know it's okay to feel how they feel, but she also wants that person to grow. That is, unless the person, like Jasper often does, is coming at her in a way that is threatening, angry and scary. In which case she will also start to yell, and will eventually close up, crying, unable to continue.

17: Does your OC suffer of any mental health issues?

Jasper: Depression. Social anxiety, and really bad self loathing too, but those aren't quite mental health issues. Kind of, maybe? But I don't think they count. I can actually see Jasper with depersonalization disorder, but I'm not sure.

Saul: No.

Fae: No.

18: What kind of intrapersonal values does your OC have? (values about their self, what makes them feel like a valid person)

Jasper: I don't think he has any. He's very self destructive.

Saul: Probably none. He doesn't think too much about what he does.

Fae: Ummm, idk how to answer for her really? Pff, honestly this one is too hard for her, ahh

19: What boosts your OC’s confidence the most?

Jasper: Having one of his friends around so he doesn't feel so weird and alone and fearing people are going to confront him.

Saul: Scoring someone actually around his age. (Rather then like, a 21 year old, actually getting someone more around 30) He feels like he's actually an adult. He needs boosts like that or he just feels like everyone thinks he's a child.

Fae: Someone actually listening to what she has to say, and encouraging her to tell them what she knows on a subject, rather then believing she doesn't know anything.

20: Does your OC hurt others often unintentionally? If yes, how?

Jasper: Yes. He often doesn't realize just how cruel he comes off. Or can take joking around, and say something a bit too personal without realizing it.

Saul: Yes. Same as Jasper, when joking around he can come off too personal on accident.

Fae: Like any human, yes, she can at times. It's not often, but sometimes her own emotions get in the way, and someone could see it as a personal attack. She would never mean it that way, and if both person's are willing to talk about it, all problems can be resolved.

21: Does your OC hurt others often intentionally? If yes, how?

Jasper: Yes. He does get angry really easy and will say mean things because he feels he's being attacked just as bad. He's also one to get into physical fights sometimes.

Saul: Yes. He can be very cruel, and he knows it. He's also always too willing to fight.

Fae: No! That's something she could never do.

22: How does your OC usually show affection? Are they openly romantic or more restricted with their affectionate emotions?

Jasper: Jasper can be a bit romantic, but not in public. In private he enjoys cuddling, hugging, hand holding, kissing, and touching in general. Sometimes he can get embarrassed, even in private, but not that much. He can, but rarely, use words to say how he feels. For the most part he sticks with being physical, and flirtatious 'mocking'.

Saul: Saul is all about public displays of affection, and romance. He knows how to whoo a person, but also can be very personal, surprisingly. When it comes to talking to a partner and letting them know his feelings, he can be uncharacteristically serious. Like Jasper, he's also really into flirtatious 'mocking'.

Fae: Fae is very affectionate. Not only to her partner, but to friends and family as well. She loves to cuddle, and hug, and hold hands. Non-romantic kissing is also great. (Kissing forehead, cheeks, nothing romantic)

23: Does your OC tend to hide something about their personality/essence when meeting new people? If yes, what?

Jasper: Well he hates letting people know of his sexual/romantic orientation, thinking people will mock him, when really no one cares. He also tends to come off a lot more calm, and cold. As if he lacks most emotions. Once you know him a little more, he seems to be just really angry all the time. Get to know him really well and you know he's a huge baby who just uses anger to hide the fact.

Saul: You'd probably think he's a fuckboy and you'd be right. But you'd never know he's got any insecurities, or that he can actually be a bit serious, and have other emotions aside from horny, joking, and angry.

Fae: You'd probably not know she's as sassy as she is. But he tends to be very open with everyone from the get-go.

24: How would your OC react if they got humiliated by someone in a group of people?

Jasper: Become visibly embarrassed, and distressed, rushing off to go cry about it, alone.

Saul: He'd probably punch them in the face.

Fae: She'd become very angry at that person. She would get away from them, if they followed and tried to apologize, she would not have it. Making it clear to the person what they did wasn't okay. She would eventually forgive them, of course, but in the moment, they would know full well how upset she is.

25: How would your OC process the grief caused by the death of a loved one?

Jasper: He'd break down to a scary point. He'd become so into drugs, he'd probably end up overdosing and dying himself. He would not be able to deal with losing a loved one.

Saul: Drink himself silly and do a whole lot of partying, more drinking, and drugs. He'd seem like he doesn't really care and just recklessly partying, and having a good time, but really, he just wouldn't be able to face his emotions. After a while, I think he would settle down with the partying, and probably not till months later actually deal with the emotions. At which point he'd probably have a good day or two of crying and being unable to face the day. But he would move back to avoiding the feelings eventually, and getting on with life, likely never speaking of that person again, in attempt to not deal with the feelings. If the person is brought up, he'd come off uncaring, and quickly change the subject.

Fae: As most people would. She would spend a long time crying, stricken with grief, but she would find a place of peace where she could move on. She would always be sad to not have the person in her life anymore, but she would not destroy her life with grief over it either, and just look back with fond memories of them.

26: What is the most intense thing your OC has been battling with?

Jasper: Self worth, depression and drug use.

Saul: Drug use.

Fae: She has a bit of self worth issues, and ends up being around people who are not very good for her. She cares about them too much to let them go, or abandon them, causing her own life to suffer.

27: Does your OC practice any kind of escapism? If yes, what kind?

Jasper: If drug use counts, then...

Saul: If drug use counts, then...

Fae: No. Maybe trying to get lost in a book, but it's not something she majorly does to avoid real life situations.

28: How would your OC react if a bully stole their lunch money in high school?

Jasper: He'd cry.

Saul: Saul is that bully.

Fae: Total shock that someone could do that. Cry. Go and tell an adult and make sure it stops. If an adult wouldn't do anything, the next time it happened she'd probably break down crying so hard, the bully would feel weird and kids would be like, wtf??? Leave Fae alone.

29: How does your OC behave on the face of a conflict?

Jasper: Angry and yelling. Very defensive, and entirely willing to get into a physical fight.

Saul: Violent. He'd stick with yelling back at first, but would almost definitely be the first to throw a punch

Fae: She'd do her best to try and calm someone down. Not wanting any negative emotions to be around. As mentioned a few times before already, after a while she would close up and cry.

30: What makes your OC defensive quickest?

Jasper: Being questioned at all, basically.

Saul: His height, hand, or young looks being talked about.

Fae: Being told she's wrong to feel bad about something.

Image by peaceskiies

This is my Miroku box


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